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(coop) Woodland Squad (1-10) Empty (coop) Woodland Squad (1-10)

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Name: (Coop)1-10 Woodland Squad
created by : Legislator
Warzone: Chernarus
Status: Beta

Historical issues:
Prelude to war
The reasons for the Chernarussian Civilwar weren't forgotten after its end. Triggered by the war in Georgia from August 7th 2008 till August 16th 2008 a wave of euphoria shattered the caucasian population. They noticed it's possible to gain independence by using radical methods and the help of Russia. After the successful separation of South Ossetia and Abkhazia Russia signed a treaty which declares the enforcement of security at the borders by Russia. Simultaneously performed NATO maneuvers in Georgia and Chernarus were criticized by President Medwedjew. The interference into the inner belongings of the former soviet state Chernarus caused a lot of indignation within the Kremlin. According to Medwedjew the majority of the chernarussian population are supporting a leadership with Russia. He also criticized the readiness of the Republic Chernarus to join the NATO and called the government a "concentration of corrupt western elements that can turn into a threat for Russia."

Several days after the official end of the Chernarussian Civilwar a high-ranked officer of the CDF deserted to the Russians and published
incriminating material showing american soldiers of the 27th MEU at the inspection of mass graves in the countrified areas of South Zagoria. The public opinion turned and the USA were officially reproved by the NATO for their interference into the inner belongings of the souvereign caucasian country. Inofficially they supported the interferences because the Republic of Chernarus should become a new NATO partner in the future. The Baku-Supsa-Pipeline, which is transporting oil from the Caspian Sea to the westcoast of Georgia was a conflict point too. 10 years after its startup the conflict was intensified in the Caucasus-region.

The Red October
On october 20th 2009 President Medwedjew set up an ultimatum. The USA should retreat with their troops from Chernarus, otherwise it'll be declared as an aggressive act against Russia to create political changes in the pro-russian Chernarus. President Obama reacted upset on this ultimatum, but ensured the pro-western chernarussians military support in case of war and the maintenance of the sovereignty of the country and future NATO partner.

After the expiration of the ultimatum, the 58th army of Russia - veterans of the Chechnya and the Georgia war - invaded the north of Chernarus under the command of General-Colonel Anatoliy Nogovitsin and occupied the airport on the first day of the invasion. The poor equipped Chernarussian Defense Force (CDF) was beaten easily and the government troops were forced to retreat to the south to Elektrozavodsk and Chernogorsk. The chernarussian government officially asked the NATO for help to fight off the russian troops.

The Chernarussian-Defense-War
At first the NATO hesitated but the next day the USS Khe Sanh, that still was in the Black Sea, got again the order to go into setting at Utes and actively support the chernarussian military. The 27th MEU was outnumbered by the Russians and the losses were catastrophic during the first two days. Presdient Obama decided to withdraw troops from the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, the Republic of Iraq and the United Kingdom of Sahrani. The 27th MEU was reinforced on order by the the 34th commander of the USMC, James T. Conway, trough a massive concentration of troops of the 7th Sky Corps. Together the existing CDF bases and field camps on the southern coastline were strengthened, expanded and with USMC material completed. At the beginning of the Chernarussian-Defense-War the axis Pustoshka-Novy Sobor-Berezino was formed up. Both super powers divided the region. Meanwhile the whole north approved the seperation from the Republic of Chernarus and the reintegration into Russia.

While the Chernarussian-Defensewar had just begun, guerrila troops attacked several targets in every corner of the country. They blamed both super powers for the chaos inside the country but they hid to say that radical elements of the resistance were responsible for bombing the newly elected regional government of South Zagoria. The provisionally inserted Transitional Government was totally overwhelmed with the situation. Within the war violence, poverty and destruction was spread while 3 different factions are fighting for the dominance of the region ...

The mission:
The russian 58th army is spreading very fast southeast almost reaching Shakhovka. The Alpha-Squad of the 7th Sky Corps gets the task to intercept an enemy convoy and to weaken the enemy air defense. The UH-1Y 'Forrester' and 'Lucky Ganesh' are bringing the Alpha-Squad to the frontline where the fight for survival is beginning ...

Used moduls:

  • Weather
  • First Aid: Simulation
  • Drag Wounded to Safety
  • Civil Cars
  • Civilians
  • Animals

Tactical hints:

The groupleader is a very important figure. He must be played by a human player. Because of his rank he is the only one who can call in air support (3 AV-8B).

The squad should be splitted into both UH-1Y if there are more than 8 players. It is important that the groupleader gets into the UH-1Y having the Get-In-Waypoint. Otherwise they won't start.

An USMC camp in the forest is the respawn point (base respawn). Besides weapon crates an ammo-convoy is supporting the player at the frontline.


  1. Intercept and destroy the convoy
  2. Search, find and destroy the air defenses
  3. Reach exfiltration point
  4. Report to the leader

USMC Base at Zelenogorsk
(coop) Woodland Squad (1-10) Arma22009052823370414.th

Ambush at Novy Sobor
(coop) Woodland Squad (1-10) Arma22009052823382314z.th

Air Defense of the Enemy
(coop) Woodland Squad (1-10) Arma22009052823392303.th

Enemy Convoy
(coop) Woodland Squad (1-10) Arma22009052823400296.th


(coop) Woodland Squad (1-10) Dirty2
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