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V-22 Osprey Folded Empty V-22 Osprey Folded

Post  DirTyDeeDs on Sun Jun 14, 2009 3:55 pm

im sure this code will be similar for the other fold-able vehicles... with a different classname in the code.

Put it in the init box.

=USA=TV wrote:Use the same code, and replace [this,1] with [this,0] to unfold.

To Fold
_xtype = [this,1] execvm "\ca\air2\mv22\scripts\pack.sqf"

To Unfold
_xtype = [this,0] execvm "\ca\air2\mv22\scripts\pack.sqf"

Animation in my opinion happens too fast.


Junker wrote:UH1Y foldy thingy Smile

_xtype = [this,1] execvm "\ca\air2\UH1Y\scripts\fold.sqf"

_xtype = [this,0] execvm "\ca\air2\UH1Y\scripts\fold.sqf"

hmmm the cobra is a little bit different code...

Gedis wrote:
_xtype = [this,1] execvm "\ca\air\Scripts\AH1Z_fold.sqf"

_xtype = [this,1] execvm "\ca\air2\UH1Y\Scripts\fold.sqf"

To unfold change 1 to 0, it should unfold. It should look like these:
_xtype = [this,0] execvm "\ca\air\Scripts\AH1Z_fold.sqf"

_xtype = [this,0] execvm "\ca\air2\UH1Y\Scripts\fold.sqf"

Although i haven't tested it yet.

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