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Post  DirTyDeeDs on Thu Jun 18, 2009 3:13 am

Snake Man wrote:PMC Apache ArmA 2 v1.1

This is BIS OFP/ArmA ported AH-64 Apache model. Purpose of this addon is to have simple, working and high performance Apache addon for ArmA 2. It comes with three different versions; multi role, close support and ground suppression.

Multi role: 1200 rounds of M230 cannon, 38 FFAR's and 8 AGM-114 Hellfires.
Close support: 1200 rounds of M230 cannon and 16 AGM-114 Hellfires.
Ground suppression: 1200 rounds of M230 cannon and 76 FFAR's.

(note; these screenshots are from ArmA (1), sorry).
PMC Apache PMC_apache-001

PMC Apache PMC_apache-002

PMC Apache PMC_apache-003

PMC Apache PMC_apache-004

PMC Apache PMC_apache-005

This is the first initial ArmA 2 release, I'm looking forward for feedback regarding bugs and other issues. If anyone is willing to help me tweak this further, withing the design goals (working, high performance) I'm willing to do so.

Visit PMC Tactical and PMC Tactical forums as well as PMC Editing Wiki which also contains tutorials how to make OFP ports of your own as well other ArmA editing.

Readme:Download PMC_apache_arma2_v1.1.rar - 6mb.
Mirror 1: PMC Tactical.
Mirror 2:
We thank all our mirrors, more are always welcome.

PMC Apache Dirty2
PMC Apache 1316247
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