(coop) Operation Bee Sting (1-8)

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(coop) Operation Bee Sting (1-8) Empty (coop) Operation Bee Sting (1-8)

Post  DirTyDeeDs on Thu Jun 18, 2009 3:20 am

SiC-Disaster wrote:First off a thank you to Junker who helped me getting custom sound to work.
A tribute to him can be found in the mission! Wink

I finished my first mission for ArmA 2 today.
You, as an 8-man Spetznaz squad called Boris, will HALO into enemy territory to blow up a CDF Shilka and if possible, eliminate an American officer who has taken charge of the CDF forces.

The mission features:
- Supports up to 8 players
- HALO insertion
- Custom sound and music
- Optional objective: Find and kill the American officer
- Support your comrades in battle: drag and heal the wounded
- Working briefing

The mission should work bugfree, however if you encounter any please tell me and i will try to work them out.

To play the mission, place the .pbo in your MPMissions folder.
The mission also works in single player, just place it in the Missions folder.

This is a mission i have made to support my own tactical gaming community, www.tangodown.nl

EDIT: Removed the old link and replaced it with a link to 1.2 version of the mission.
1.2 fixes two things:
- the marker (and thus waypoint) to Junker squad was positioned over lake Prud, i replaced it to be right in front of Junker's position.
- Tasks were not signed off after being completed. This is now fixed.

Download version 1.2 of Operation Bee Sting here:

(coop) Operation Bee Sting (1-8) Dirty2
(coop) Operation Bee Sting (1-8) 1316247
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