(coop) Utes Invasion I(1-20 )

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(coop) Utes Invasion I(1-20 ) Empty (coop) Utes Invasion I(1-20 )

Post  DirTyDeeDs on Thu Jun 18, 2009 3:31 am

Legislator wrote:Name: (Coop)1-20 Utes Invasion I
Warzone: Utes
Status: Beta

The Chernarussian Defensewar had started ... on November 1st 2009 at 5.20 am the first battle of the new war began. An unit of US marines landed at dawn on the island Utes to prepare the invasion of the main us troops. Their mission should be the beginning of the invasion of the island Utes.

The mission:
After the end of the Chernarussian Civilwar the 58th army of the Russian Federation conquered the island Utes. They stationed a squadron of russian pilots there and reequipped the military installations. Huge parts of the civililian population were forced to leave the island. Only a few stayed. Most of the civilian buildings were now the homes of the russian invaders.

5 teams started from the USS Khe Sanh - Sierra Squad, Tango Squad, Romeo Squad, Blyer Squad und Lamango Squad. Their task was to be the first attack wave. The main task was to sabotage the enemy airdefense and to clear the part of the beach that had been chosen for the invasion.

The difficulty was not to alarm the whole island. While stealth was the highest priority, the 5 teams fought their way through the night to prepare the invasion ...

Used Moduls:

  • Civilian Cars
  • Civilians
  • Animals

Tactical Hints:
Silenced weapons and ammo are the advantage. Stealth is the key to victory! Everybody who storms the front will have no success. Satchel charges make noise - that may be an advantage or a disadventage.


  1. Clear the beach
  2. Sabotage the air defense
  3. Stay away from the airport

Known problems

  • Briefing entries disappear after respawn
  • No First Aid module and no Body Drag modul are used
  • Players lose weapons after respawn
  • Only one respawn point avaiable

US Marines at the beach of Utes
(coop) Utes Invasion I(1-20 ) Arma22009061400284690.th

Enemy air defense
(coop) Utes Invasion I(1-20 ) Arma22009061400295162.th

Enemy beach defense
(coop) Utes Invasion I(1-20 ) Arma22009061400325929.th

DOWNLOAD (Beta 1.2 Fixed)

(coop) Utes Invasion I(1-20 ) Dirty2
(coop) Utes Invasion I(1-20 ) 1316247
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