(coop)Visit_Chernarus (1-8) [basic mission template]

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(coop)Visit_Chernarus (1-8) [basic mission template] Empty (coop)Visit_Chernarus (1-8) [basic mission template]

Post  DirTyDeeDs on Thu Jun 18, 2009 3:35 am

RunForrest wrote:hi there
as some people requested this and i already had this kind-of-template done for myself, i polished it a little and well here it is

8 player coop, 2x 4 man teams

if u wanna have random side missions than just remove this from the init line of the SOM module:
this setVariable ["settings", [[], true, nil, nil, false]];

if u wann have the medic system of the basic BIS missions
-place the first aid simulation module on the map and link it with the groupleader(s)
-place the drag wounded module(dunno what its in english editor, in german its Verwundete in Sicherheit bringen= bring wounded into safety) on the map and link it with the groupleader(s)
-change respawn="base" to respawn="group" in description.ext

mission hints:
-base respawn (at marker respawn_west)
-all towns have support trucks and a medic vehicle
-all airports have useable planes and choppers
-Teamleader can call for artillery strikes, radio 0-0-1, than 0-8 and than use menus
-Teamleader can call for airstrikes, radio 0-0-2, than 0-8 and than use menus
-Teamleader can call for supply drops, radio 0-0-3, than 0-8 and than use menus
-Teamleader can call for transport chopper, radio 0-0-4, than 0-8 and than use menus
-no endtrigger

Move to helicopter door and fire usage:
1. Get in the chopper once inside you should get an action that allows you to move to the left or right door
2. To aim: bring up the iron sights and hold the alt key to move your aim point around
3. Press "R" to reload
4 Press "INSERT" to move back to your seat - NB you will need to do this to disembark the chopper

game logics used:
-first aid action
-ACM module on both groupleaders
-secondary operation missions(SOM), only the artillery and supply drop parts are activated

additional 3rd party scripts:
-Urban Patrol Script V2.0.3 by Kronzky
-Ammobox re-filler by ArMaTeC
-Move to helicopter door and fire by norrin

download v01:
between the google adds it says >Datei aufrufen< rightclick on that and save to ur ArmA2/mpmissions folder and rename 370174.pbo to co08_Visit_Chernarus_v01.Chernarus.pbo

armaholic mirror:

(coop)Visit_Chernarus (1-8) [basic mission template] Dirty2
(coop)Visit_Chernarus (1-8) [basic mission template] 1316247
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