Object drawing distance tweak (beta)

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Object drawing distance tweak (beta) Empty Object drawing distance tweak (beta)

Post  DirTyDeeDs on Sat Aug 15, 2009 3:10 pm

kju wrote:Testing grunts, this is the first one for you. Very Happy

= Preface =

ArmA supports up to 50.000m (50km) viewdistance.
Yet objects, means vegetation and objects of a world, as well as units or
mission placed objects are drawn in general way less (~45% and
max ~2000-2500m...).

This also results in objects popping into view - very ugly.
Especially with low viewdistance.

There are more issues related to it, yet not that important for the start.

= Solution =

There is always the chance of BI improving the visual impression and object
drawing distance in a future patch.

There is a new config value called featureSize introduced by ArmA II.
It does make the TV tower, the castle or other special buildings drawn at
longer distance..

So the design concept is to (ab)use this value for our needs.

You find a set of small addons to set this value for static objects (houses,
and other type of building) as well as infantry and vehicles.

= Change =

Focus on the houses and units. And ignore the SAT issues and vegetation
for now. Also take note that always max zoom in of AH1Y or F35b was used.

ArmA II default (50k VD):

Object drawing distance tweak (beta) 0001 Object drawing distance tweak (beta) 0002

ArmA II tweaked (50k VD):

Object drawing distance tweak (beta) 0012 Object drawing distance tweak (beta) 0013

Mi-8 is normally drawn 2200m.

Mi-8 is drawn 3000m with featureSize = 100.

T72 is drawn 3000m.
It seems that 3000m is the max unit drawing distance not matter the
featureSize value (tried 1000).
The static object like houses seem to be drawn even way further away.

Ingame it is quite hard to see the units. The compression makes it even harder.

More examples screenshots:

Comparison videos - again focus on the houses and units:
standard_popup_objects_at_drawing_distance (9 MB)
featureSizeTweak_active (8 MB)

= Your job =

Test this set of addons. See if it works for you. Share your impressions and
possible other ingame changes made by it.
Can you experience any performance impact?
Test with very low view distance (500-1500m) and focus on object popping in.
Test very high (5000-50000) and look at distance objects and units are drawn.

Find out how to make it work for world placed roads, stones and vegetation.
These are not defined in the ArmA II configs by default. Doing so didn't work so far.

= Download =


Please do not mirror for now.

Object drawing distance tweak (beta) Dirty2
Object drawing distance tweak (beta) 1316247
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