ArmA II launcher by alpinestars

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ArmA II launcher by alpinestars

Post  DirTyDeeDs on Sat Aug 22, 2009 12:27 am

ArmA II launcher by alpinestars

Feature list

* Start ArmA II with command line parameters, e.g. -nosplash or -winxp
* Save choosen parameters etc. for next launch
* Choose mods found in ArmA II directory (directories beginning with @)
* Start ArmA II directly into multiplayer einvironment to host a game
* Directly join a running multiplayer game
* New or further command line parameters are supported
* Tooltips with short descriptions
* ArmA II Launcher can be minimized to tray
* The ArmA II Launcher can be placed everywhere, arma2.exe can be located
* Autostart with OS start
* Check if ArmA II is already running to prevent several instances
* Creation of desktop shortcut
* Control process priority of arma2.exe
* Start TrackIR automatically with ArmA II
* Start FreeTrack automatically with ArmA II
* Add additional mods without @ in the beginning
* Set the priority of the mods
* ServerBrowser to enter IP and port


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