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Here is the latest BF2 ROE:


The ranked server program and ranking system introduced by DICE and EA for Battlefield 2 is designed to promote a system of statistics gathering and rewards for BF2 players on a level playing field in which players can expect the same standard configuration and playing environment on any ranked server they play on. These standards are achieved and maintained by ensuring that all server providers and server administrators are abiding by a common set of rules as determined by EA.

Dice and EA are limiting trusted server software distribution to our network of Trusted Partners in order to protect the integrity of the code system. We want everyone to be able to play Ranked Servers if they choose. It is imperative that all of these Rules and Policies be adhered to in order to create a level playing field for everyone.

1.1 Server Configuration

1.1.1 Ranked Servers have a number of settings hard-coded so that users cannot adjust them. These settings are all set as below to keep the competition on Ranked servers balanced across all providers:

minPlayers: 16+ (minimum server size is 16 players)

sv.password = ?? (empty string - Ranked servers may not be password protected. Ranked servers are intended to be available to all players.)

sv.numPlayersNeededToStart = (6 for 16-31 maxPlayers, 10 for 32-64)

sv.spawnTime 15

sv.manDownTime 15

sv.ticketRatio 100

sv.teamRatioPercent 100

sv.punkBuster 1

1.1.2 Though it is not required, we also request that all servers run Friendly Fire at 100% for all settings, including mines (sv.friendlyFireWithMines).

1.2 Server Content

1.2.1 Ranked servers must be entirely "pure" with no customization outside of the default content shipped by DICE/EA. Ranked servers are not allowed to run customised games or Mods, as we cannot ensure the balance of these components.

1.2.2 Whenever there is a new patch released Ranked Partners are required to upgrade their servers.

Ranked servers are not to run upcoming content early nor out of date content.

1.3 Server Access

1.3.1 BF2CC may be used to access and adjust server settings not defined above but hosts must be able to demonstrate that the ranked server code is secure ? no FTP access or other direct access to the files is allowed.

1.4 Maps

1.4.1 Custom maps are never permitted on ranked servers, although we do permit map sizes to be defined independently of maximum players.

These are rules and policies that all people running ranked servers are expected to observe. Failure to do so can result in the server being delisted.

2.1 Copyright Infringements and Advertising

2.1.1 Server Administrators may not arrange for the exchange or transfer of any pirated software, distribution of copyrighted software or CD keys or other contraband while on any Ranked Servers.

2.1.2 Server Administrators may not market, promote or advertise other services or products on any ranked servers (excluding trusted partners and in game server messages).

2.2 Game Setting Changes

2.2.1 Server Administrators may not change any server settings preset by EA (as listed above).

2.2.2 Server Administrators may not load up custom maps or modifications to Ranked Servers.

2.2.3 TK Punish must be active (i.e. not ?off?), but can be set to automatically punish or to allow players to punish/forgive by voting.

2.3 ?In-House? Ranked Server Rules

Public Ranked Servers and Private rented clan servers may introduce custom rules that apply only to their servers and which result in minor changes to gameplay. These ?in-house? rules are allowed as long as they do not violate the conditions of use of a ranked server as determined by DICE and EA and as long as they are explicitly announced in the server description or on the loading screen, so that players joining the server are aware of them before they start playing.

2.3.1 Disallowed ?In-House? Ranked Server Rules:

Server Administrators may not implement or enforce server rules on ranked servers that prohibit players from using any roles, kits, weapons, vehicles or other features of the game while playing on their server. Examples of such rules that would violate the conditions of use are:

(a) Preventing any players from being Commander or Squad Leaders.

(b) Preventing any players from using certain vehicles such as jets, helicopters or tanks.

(c) Preventing any players from using commander assets (artillery, vehicle drop, UAV or scans).

(d) Preventing any players from using certain weapons or items (such as flashbangs or C4) or enforcing a ?pistol only? or ?knife only? server rule.

2.3.2 Allowed ?In-House? Ranked Server Rules:

Server Administrators may implement and enforce rules that result in minor changes to gameplay behaviour or styles as long as these are clearly stated before a player starts playing on a server. These rules typically introduce minor restrictions on how a certain aspect of the game can be used.

Examples of such rules that are acceptable are:

(a) Players may not use explicit, offensive or racist language in-game.

(b) Players may not impersonate clan members or other server administrators.

(c) Players may not deliberately performing actions that hinder their own team (such as last-minute team-swapping to increase scores or statistics, excessive team-killing, destroying friendly vehicles, attacking team-mates,

deliberately placing themselves in a situation so they cause another player to team-kill them, using a vehicle while being the Commander that prevents them from performing any Commander functions (jet, etc.) or placing vehicles to block their own runways.

(d) Making attacks on enemy main bases (flags that cannot be captured), including artillery strikes, vehicle drops to block runways, bombing runs with aircraft or sustained infantry attacks. (Note that specific attacks targeting the enemy commander?s asset buildings are always allowed, even if they are within the enemy main base.)

(e) Using transport helicopters to quickly capture all flags with no attempt to engage the other team (flag hopping).

(f) Using C4 explosives on fast-moving vehicles to destroy other vehicles (C4-ramming)

(g) Ignoring requests from Server Administrators or abusing Server Administrators.

The following rules are ones that players are expected to abide by while playing on ranked servers. Any use of third-party programs or game exploits not listed below should be reported through one of the channels listed below.

3.1 Use of Cheats or Hacks

3.1.1 Players may not change (hack) any core games files or effectively change game settings by employing external programs or cheats for the purposes of giving themselves an unfair advantage over other players. This would include but not limited to:

(a) MSX and other 3rd party software.

(b) Modification of weapons code, aka Tank turrets exploit.

(c) CVAR hacks which would make players appear Neon

(d) CVAR hacks that let players see thru walls or buildings

(e) Mini-Map hack so all players are visible

(f) Modification of Player Names which would alter their size or colors.

3.2 Game Exploits

3.2.1 Players may not use or exploit game mechanisms to artificially boost their score ("stats padding") and Server administrators may not knowingly allow or encourage this activity on their servers.

This would include but not limited to:

(a) Using tag teams to take turns to kill and revive each other in turn (using knives, pistols, etc.)

(b) Playing on Knife and/or Pistol only Servers

(c) Playing on Knife only Servers

(d) Playing on ?High Points? Servers

(e) Playing on ?No Artillery? or ?No Armour? Servers (except when using Infantry only server-side option)

(f) Using Vehicles removed from battlefield for purposes of artificially inflating points

(g) Turning boats upside down and constantly repairing them

(h) Glitching inside buildings (using building model glitches to attack out without risk of being hit).


Anyone who observes violations of the ROE based upon server rules or player actions should report these violations (with screenshots) as soon as possible.

Any action taken against players or Server Administrators will be taken by EA and may include having ranked servers being delisted (unranked) or having player accounts reset to remove all global points and awards.

Violations (or suspected violations) can be reported to any of the following authorised groups:

EA Support:

Punkbuster: Cheats, hacks or exploits can be reported to

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