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SP Mission by SaOk Empty SP Mission by SaOk

Post  DirTyDeeDs on Thu Oct 29, 2009 4:36 pm

SaOk wrote:Black Forest

SP Mission by SaOk Arma2black

Mission Description:
Night is falling over the black forest. Lieutenant Valenta is ready to get some sleep but suddenly he is ordered to meet Captain Vitek at one of the outposts in Black Forest. The trip could already be dangerous with boredom and lack of energy. However after the briefing there is suprises ahead.

-Overview/Briefing/Gear Choose
-Difficulty selection
-Ability to call reinforcemets
-Sleepy vision/folumetric fog/sleeping
-Optional (half hidden) targets that affect on later objective
-Artillery/Garbage/Healing/Civilian/Combat/Surrender/High Command-Modules
-Many FSM/Other-scripts (campAI,spotlightAI,ambientCAR...)
-Unlimited Savegames
-About 1,5-4 hour playtime

Download 1.10 From ArmaHolic
Download 1.10 From Filefront

-Many objectives arent mandatory. You can fail the mission only if you die
-ACM appearance rate affects much on performance. I recommend 0.7 as max (0.5 default)
-Unlimited Savegame by 0-0-1
-Use high command via Ctrl+Space (Available on late mission)
-Use artillery via 0-8-1 (Available on late mission)
-Call reinforcements via 0-0-3 (Available after first proper objective)

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