Operation Halfmoon Mod with Chinese PLA forces

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Operation Halfmoon Mod with Chinese PLA forces

Post  DirTyDeeDs on Sun Dec 06, 2009 7:46 am

Brief introduction.

Operation Halfmoon is a Chinese serious combat-sim activity in Multiplayer ArmA, since May, 2008.
In ArmA1 times, Operation Halfmoon has proprietary self-made MPmissions include COOP, TvT, PvP and PvP-AI modes.
and proprietary MOD named OH(Operation Halfmoon) MOD, include modern PLA infantry, voices, firearms, vehicles,
FFAMM (Fromz sound mod) 1.54 and some edit template scripts. The elements aimed at the Multiplayer sim-combat.
ArmA2: OHMOD(Operation Halfmoon MOD) Version 2.0 will give an elaborate MOD based on the present Chinese PLA
and give it to serious ArmA2 multiplayers.
Original BIS forum thread here

image is link

It my belief that the author is working in some form of partnership with A.C.E.2 mod devs. I can only assume compatibility at the very least between the two mods. Wink


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