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Degeneration V2.10
The Zombie Reign. The Human Fall.

Degeneration V2.10 Zombie+voters

The goal of Degeneration can be whatever the players want it to be. Do you want to try to attempt as many side missions as possible? Do you want to just sit in a corner of the map and sing by a camp fire? Do you want to ruthlessly hunt down the zombies and try to help the poor towns? Do you want to set-up a fortress surrounded by trip mines and landmines and static weapons so you can sleep peacefully in the night? Do you want to go from town to town trying to find people you can recruit to help you fight the zombies?

All in all, Degeneration is a sandbox zombie killing mission and I can't really write down everything about it here. I will let the players find out what it has to offer (A lot of secrets and hidden things!). It is a sandbox mission and just that-the players can bring and take what they want from it.

Required Addons
The Undead Mod V.90
A.C.E 2

Twisted Evil

Degeneration V2.10 Dirty2
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