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Post  DirTyDeeDs on Mon Sep 15, 2008 3:49 am

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I am starting a thread to get USI members more familiar with International Conflict - Armed Assault
This is an ArmA activity that may be something we participate in, provided there is an interest.

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IC-ArmA Frequently Asked Questions

Is this like a clan?
No. We are not a clan. We do not rely on any external organizations, ladders, clubs, or groups for this tournament. International Conflict: Armed Assault works independently and entirely on its own. Individuals and members of clans are welcomed to join, but you will have to leave your clan tags/affiliations at the door.

Isn't that like breaking up clans?

Not at all, IC-ArmA understands that members have outside affiliations. IC-ArmA is about building team work and making friends in the international community, and of course, having fun.

How do these 2 forces fight each other?

International Conflict utilizes Armed Assault's multiplayer component to stage large scale battles. The two teams fight it out on an official battle day to determine who is victorious. The armies fight over nominated territories and they carry them forward to the next battleday.

How Large is Large?
We have an average of about 100 players in each battle with 126 players being the record. We hope with your help, we can keep pushing it further and further!

What are the requirements to join International Conflict: Armed Assault?

* You must have your own legal copy of Armed Assault
* You must have a set of speakers and a mic.
* You must download and use TeamSpeak.
* You must visit the forums as much as possible.
* You must follow orders.
* You must have fun.

Why Teamspeak?
It is imperative that each force communicate within their teams. TeamSpeak is a very simple, and flexible Voice-Over-IP (VOIP) software program that enables you to communicate via a microphone to your teammates. TeamSpeak is free to download.

How often do these forces fight each other, and for how long?
Official Battle days are one day every weekend (unless posted otherwise, e.g. due to Holiday, etc.). Currently they are 3 hours long.

Do I have to play the entire time?
No. You can play as much as you can or as little as you want. Some players can hammer out the whole lot, and others can only put in 1 hour.

How are the 2 forces organized/structured?

Each army has their own organizational structure as established by their Commanding Officers and General Staff. Each is broken down into sub-divisions or companies that has its own Officers, Non Commissioned officers, and enlisted troops.

Do I have to follow the orders of higher ranking players?

Yes. To achieve the level organization we strive for here, it is important that orders be followed and carried out.

How can I advance my rank?

One word, PARTICIPATE. Show up for practices, show up for battles, take part in discussions on the forums, hang out on the TS server, get to know your officers, and don't misbehave. That will get you started. Then it all depends on your qualities as a leader, and that is more complicated, do you have what it takes to lead men in combat?

What is the official language of the tournament?

English, spoken on TS and written in forums.

Is this a very competitive tournament? Is the atmosphere cutthroat?

International Conflict stresses teamwork, strategy, organization, friendship, and most of all fun. The members here take playing the game in the campaign very seriously. They came to International Conflict looking for organization and to get away from the chaos and anarchy that takes place in the public servers. At the same time, lifelong friendships are made and on non-battle days, many members will go "pubbing" to have fun and practice teamwork (they will jump on a public server). And at other times, many members just hang out on our TeamSpeak server.

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Post  Zombie on Mon Sep 15, 2008 8:26 am

idk, seems a little stuffy, but I'm not against it

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