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Post  DirTyDeeDs on Thu Nov 12, 2009 6:28 am

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M9ACE wrote:The War Games League (WGL) of OFP1 fame is starting back up in January.

From the core founders of WGL (OFP) and ACE (ARMA1) the USMC-Warriors are proud to announce our next project:

In an effort to bring competitive play (squad vs squad) back into the community. We will be developing a dedicated gaming league which will include ARMA2. In the next coming weeks we will be working actively to prepare the foundation of this league and hopefully have it up and running in a few short months.

Community and Members
This will be a pure community driven league; you get what you put into it. Each squad that signs up will have 1 elected representative and 1 alternate. These elected representatives will be a core league member, meaning they are influential on the direction and longevity of the league. agrees to host, maintain and update as needed. - WIP

Server can not supply a server at this current time, we are planning to have one up in the next few months but until then we are going to have to rely on our members hosting their own matches. -WIP

Vanilla ARMA2 unless stated otherwise, proper server.cfg with BISIGN checking on. -WIP


The offical launch date is scheduled for Jan. 8th 2010

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