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Post  USI on Fri Jul 25, 2008 9:31 pm

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Welcome to the recruitment area!
We don't have crazy clan rules that require you to do all kinds of things, we just want you to come and play...but you must have Ventrilo, get it here Once accepted as an applicant, you will be given the info for our Ventrilo server.

We are actively seeking new recruits who are:
Team players
Want to join a long standing group of friends
Apply in a post here with your:
In-game name
real 1st name
on line games you play
your location
how you found {USI}
your age
A brief intro of yourself

If using claymores everywhere, nadetillery or jihaad jeeps are your main method of play, you should stop now and look elsewhere. We also prefer 18+ but it is NOT an absolute requirement. If you are under 18 and your Dad (or Mom) plays, get them to join too! We have 3 Father/son pairs now but more wouldn't be bad! We are mainly a North American, East Coast group but we also have several European members. We have several active duty or retired military members and a few families involved too.
If this all looks like a place you want to be, start a new thread and we will let you know!

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