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Trailer for A&S ProMode and ClanBase ladder announcement

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Trailer for A&S ProMode and ClanBase ladder announcement Empty Trailer for A&S ProMode and ClanBase ladder announcement

Post  kju Thu Jul 22, 2010 2:53 pm

Greetings USI!

we'd like to catch your interest for the A&S ProMode ladder at ClanBase now open!

To get you in the right mood, check out this awesome four minute promo trailer by massrefuge:

Did you like it? Read on!

Fun and organized league play

The main intention is to provide a platform for teams to get into contact and get some good matches going.
Therefore a key part is to give teams the ability to agree on settings you like to play with most.
Finally teams and every individual are most welcome to voice their opinion and contribute to constantly improve this project.

For hardcore competitive play we plan to run mini cup tourneys in the future at http://pvpscene.tourney.cc.
This depends both on team's interest and people willing to join in to organize em.

Play when and as much as you want

Being a ladder you can play as much as you want as well as not play for a while. It's all up to you.

Both for small teams and large teams

To give teams most flexibility, you can play from 4on4 up to 12on12 (default is 5on5).
The missions range from TINY, SMALL to MEDIUM and LARGE.
Any size has 12 playable lots on both sides, but you get the idea. Wink

International league

This means teams from all around the world can join. This includes for example teams from the US or Australia.
It is up to teams themselves to see if they can find suitable daytime and acceptable ping (< 250) for both parties for cross continent play.

If not, teams can just cancel the match. In general trying to play vs teams from the same area is recommended.

Fast paced and very tactical A&D asymmetric game mode

A&S ProMode is the game mode of choice. You can read extensively about it in our wiki.

Diverse play

The missions offer both:

  • Small CQB to large scale combat.
  • From infantry only to all assets ArmA has to offer.
  • Very different landscape and atmosphere.

No 'home maps' - instead promoting flexibility

You have various missions to choose from with new mission available each week.

Mid term new missions on community made worlds to offer variety, different gameplay and a new
atmosphere will be made available.

Flexibility for teams

While there are rules to follow, at the same teams can agree various aspects like
difficulty settings, mission length and several mission parameters.

Completely optional addons to improve the experience

Mid term the plan is to offer clientside only addon packs again.
These will be completely optional - you will be able to continue to play without!

  • Various sound replacements to choose from.
  • Visual: Look, UI design, special effects.
  • FPS: More fluid gaming.
  • Gameplay: Better animations, crosshair to name a few.

Finally a bullet point summary of what we offer you:

  • 4on4 to 12on12.
  • Ladder type league.

  • One mission per match.
  • Lower ranked team chooses the mission.
  • The higher ranked is attacker first.
  • And decides which side to play first (East/West).
  • Both rounds together make the end result.

  • 2x 10min for TINY, 2x 20min for SMALL, 2x30 min for MEDIUM and LARGE.
  • Teams can agree on different mission length.

  • Mission schedule to offer a set of different missions each week.
  • Killmessage and scoreboard disabled, unless both teams agree otherwise.
  • By default the crosshair is active and third person disabled.

  • In the mid term new missions on beautiful Community Made Worlds.
  • Active improvement and support of the league, missions and addon pack.

You find all important information in great detail on the ClanBase ladder overview page.
To simplify communication please add your team to the Contact of teams playing A&S ProMode,
no matter if you play to join ClanBase or not.

Please leave your thoughts in the forum. See you on the battlefield!

best regards
[CB] kju

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